A few general and maybe some more lesser known facts about me!

Full Name : Jordanne Joyce Whiley

Birthday : 11 June 1992

Nicknames: Jordy, JJ

Disability : Brittle Bone Disease  (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) - I've broken my legs 26 times!

Height : 4ft 10ins

Favourite Colour : Light green

Alternative Career : If I wasn't an athlete I'd be a medical examiner

Football Team : Arsenal

I'm afraid of :  The dark and spiders

Favourite Tennis Player : Novak Djokovic

My Pets: A dog and a fish called Alan

Favourite Film : The Wizard of Oz

Hobbies : Gardening, singing and shopping!

Favourite Tournament : Wimbledon (is there anything better?!)

All-time Hero : My Dad

Music : Anything from the 80's, reggae and RnB, a real mixture!

Favourite Food: I love Thai food, or anything with noodles!

​Most unique on court moment: During a doubles final in the USA, I crashed into the fence mid point and broke a rib, however I carried on playing and won in three sets!

Favourite Quote : "A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, his trust is not on the branch but on his own wings to fly."

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